Sunday, June 14, 2015

potty training 201

I can't even begin to tell you how bad I wanted to cry that day. I was frustrated beyond belief and yet all I could do was laugh.

If you know Will, then you know that he is one strong willed pun intended. He has straight up told me, after peeing and pooping on the toilet, that it just takes too much time and he'd much prefer a diaper.

I was sure once he went poop on the toilet the fist time, it would all be down hill from there. After all that is all it took for Katy to get potty trained. But not this kid. He doesn't care if he's in a diaper, a pull up or underwear. He's pretty laid back about the whole thing.

That afternoon since we were outside and planning to be all afternoon, I put him in his underwear. He was doing a great job going pee and we even brought out his race car potty. But I of course looked up, after already asking him if he need to go, to find that he had a load in his pants. I proceeded to clean him up outside on the grass. In my haste (as cleaning up poopy diapers is my favorite thing), I got some on the grass, which I fully intended to clean up after I had the situation on my hands under control. It wasn't until I was done that I turned around horrified to find that my Chuck had taking a liking to what he had found in the grass and was happily rolling too and fro. When he got up from the grass, brown and stained, that's when I wanted to cry. Steve did what he does best and made light of the situation by laughing hysterically and telling me that MY dog was disgusting and that HIS dog (big dumb Chief) would never think to do something so distasteful.

The rest of the afternoon we treated poor Chuck as though he was caring a horrible disease such as the plague. It was such a crazy day of needing to get things done we left him outside. I kept yelling to the kids that they couldn't play in the backyard today (when I heard the door trying to open), and NOT to let Chuck in no matter how bad he was making them feel with his pathetic crying and wining to come in. It wasn't until after 11:00 that night that he was able to get a bath.

Poop happens. Or so they say, and sometimes the best thing to do is let your cute boy (who is totally exhausted from potty training and being out in the sun) take a 5:00 PM nap on the couch so you can take a picture of him (his cute farmer tanned chicken legs and all) and remember this day. He won't be little like this forever, just as he won't be wearing a diaper either. This picture is a great reminder of how I need to take a step back and breath every once and a while...and when life calls for it, laugh about Will poop on my dogs face!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

a little makeup

I walked into this sight the other day. After I got mad at him, I found out Katy gave him a makeover. Pretty good job if you ask me. Have you met Will? Can you blame me for thinking this was his idea. *wink* 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

two plus one equals three

Katy is the reason the is impromptu photoshoot was a success. Will, as you can see below, was not happy in the slightest that I was asking him to help me get some pictures. Katy saved the day and got him in a good mood. She is such a good sport when I ask her to do things, but I was especially grateful for her help yesterday as these are some of my favorite pictures of my kids. 
Having a c section makes for an interesting recovery. I kept thinking it was getting "too late" to get pictures, and honestly I have had ZERO energy which doesn't help in your motivation department. I am so glad that we went ahead and got these snaps of some of my favorite people I know!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

happy camper

How cool are legos? Katy had some birthday money from Grandma and Grandpa Beardshall she decided to spend on this beaut. How cute is that?

She made me laugh so hard when we went to the toys section and she informed me that she just wasn't really into all "this stuff" meaning pretty much everything on the girl isles. She decided that since she is so good at legos, they would be a good investment with her birthday money.

Like I mentioned before I am trying to take a more creative approach to gift giving this year. I feel like all too often I buy "fad toys" that end up breaking and my kids loosing interest in them. I want to try to invest in more classic toys that I know will stand (or at least I'm hoping) the test of time.

We have Katy a kids sewing machine, a sewing book (let's sew together), and a huge box of most everything she will need to get going on some projects. She, of course, opened the book up and declared she was going to make a robot doll fist thing....but I had to remind her that we need to learn how to use her sewing machine first! Let's start with the basics here. Her enthusiasm about the whole thing is adorable and I figure if worse comes to worse at least (hopefully) she will have a basic knowledge of sewing that will be somewhat useful for her in the future.

She also received (thank you to grandparents and loved ones) TONS of art supplies (which will always be a winning gift in Katy's book) and clothing. She is lucky she has so many people that love her so.

around here

This was my view for most of the second half of my day. Katy endlessly creating and drawing, Will turning up the charm for the camera (even though I'm trying to be sneaky and take a candid shot).

I spent the night downtown with my mom and sisters for our annual girls trip getaway (something we have done for my mom the last 7 years). We usually give it to her for Christmas and go in the spring. Truth be told, we already went on a getaway earlier this year, but with upcoming babies we decided the best thing to do would be to go early.

It's always nice to take some time out for yourself. Steve is a great husband in letting me do this every year, and happily reported that the kids (for the most part) were really well behaved while I was gone.

My mom, sisters and I had a lot of time to talk and catch up. My little sister is due next spring with her first and was conveying her fears of becoming a mom and having that responsibility. It's crazy when you have your own kids how you just figure it out...perhaps because there is no other way than to just dive right in (what other option do you have anyway?).

Pregnancy for me is hard in a sense that I feel a bit out of control with my emotions. I am usually a very level headed easy going (at least in my mind *wink*) kind of person. I seem to loose my patients with the littlest of things when I have a bun in the oven. I have yelled more that I would like to admit, with this pregnancy, at my kids (insert sad face). The thing is, at the end of the night they always willingly throw their arms around my neck, kiss my face and tell me they love me. Which of course melts my heart and makes me want to try even that much harder the next day to just be better.

Being away from my family doesn't make me appreciate them more, I don't need to leave them for that. Being aways from my family just makes me realize how blessed I am to get to deal with the occasional (sometimes not so occasional it feels like) fight between siblings, that Will is a kid with so much energy it seems to be bursting out of him 24 hours a day (which can be really exhausting), that Katy is the very most sweetest sibling anyone could ask for (she teaches me so much every day), and that Steve is pretty much the grandest thing to be invented since sliced bread!

I am grateful for everyday moments, around here, that I get to spend with my family. They are some of the very best people I know.

On a side note our painted leaf project was another success this year. Will even got in on the action with us.