Tuesday, September 2, 2014

little miss independent

Katy is my little miss independent. She makes me laugh how old she is getting, and also makes me want to cry when she is constantly telling me that she doesn't need any help with she can do it herself.

Having a kid like Katy is a dream come true. In the morning, she gets her breakfast, sneaks the iPad and watches shows until someone gets up. This of course is on the mornings I am at work. With Steve on a graveyard schedule he usually stays up late even if he isn't working and we always try to let him sleep in when we can.

Something else that has been happening as of late is her spunky and funky attitude. Something I absolutely love, and something I have a hard time with. I read somewhere that everything is a phase, that's it. It's just a phase. And although it's hard, sometimes, for pregnant and inpatient Amy to remember...all I have to do is LOVE her through the rough patches. Just like everyone get's potty trained - everyone eventually figures themselves out. Katy is shaping up to be a pretty cool cat. I can't wait to see what the next few years makes of her.

These were taken a while ago, as there is now a set of bunk beds in her room. I do love all her hanging art work...that has made it's way to the hallway. And I love how, no matter what, she needs a glass or bottle of water by her bed in case she needs a drink while she's sleeping.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

life with littles

3. Unplugged Play (for mom)

I've been thinking a lot about how I can improve my parenting skills. It may seem funny to say that I feel like I am melting in the summer heat (because it's SO much hotter so many other places)....but I find that we are inside more and that we tend to gravitate towards "shows" watching (as my kids call it).

When I was a kid I had creativity spewing out of my ears. I was always making and creating things. I loved getting the magazine Hearth Song, and would long for chances to ask for presents from there. Once I got a pack of colored bees wax, and I would spend HOURS making figures. Mostly animals. I also had a knack for sewing...something my mom instill in me (she is a fantastic sewer).

I look at Katy and I see me. She can spend endless hours painting and cutting paper. I helped her sew a dress for one of her dolls, and I can tell she is going catch the sewing bug. That is, of course, as soon as I feel brave enough to give her free reign of a needle and tread.

I have been thinking of creative gifts to give to my kids this season and with Katy I am loving the idea of getting some creative books to help her get excited about making and creating her own things. Hopefully we can find ways to unplug more and get creative.

So for her birthday and Christmas I am going to get these books, look through them, find my favorite ideas, and box it up with all the supplies to create a few of the projects contained within. I know she is going to go gaga over them. It's probably just as much of a gift for me as it will be for Katy.

life's full of surprises

The circus arrives without warning...and sometimes, so do babies. 

I can hardly believe that we will be drafting another player for Team Beardshall, but this circus is set to perform January 5th. And with my track record (of having babies early), this poor kiddo is probably going to have a Christmas birthday. 

Sometimes unexpected surprises are the best kind. I can honestly say I am very excited to meet this kiddo, but I'm a bit scared to be outnumbered. I'm also anxious to see how our family dynamic will change. I can only imagine good things are in store for us. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

iphonography . never stop exploring

Will will always be my little dare devil, okay...he may have convinced me to help him up on the ledge of the basement window...but can you blame me? His "peease" and "geee you" are killing me lately!

Family Pictures 2013

Steve always gives me a hard time about getting our pictures taken, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I mean, really, look at my family...I'm so in love. When I booked these pictures I was not planning on having them fall the day we moved (which was a Thursday), lucky for me they were able to reschedule them to Saturday morning (back in August of last year). Unlucky for me, we still didn't know where anything was and were living out of boxes. I pretty much decided the best option for us would be to go ahead and let everyone just wear what they wanted to. Will didn't seem to have much of an opinion about things so he let me dress him.

I have a bucket list of photographers I would like to capture my family, and Yan Palmer is one of them. She gave me a big hug when we met (I am SO a huggie person) so that won me over right away. She was so great with my kids and I am so in love with all of the images I now have of my family.

Here are some of my no particular order .